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Welcome to the homeschooling portion of Personal Priorities, an area dear to my heart!  Teaching is a gift the Lord has graciously led me to and developed in my life from the age of 14 when I began teaching a kindergarten Sunday school class in the church of my youth.  I cannot recall a time when I was not teaching adults or children and I love it!  The interaction involved with instruction is a beautiful thing as it brings continual change in both the teacher and the student; both become "learners".  How grateful I am after having taught in both public and private education to have had the wonderful opportunity to teach my own sons via homeschooling.  Our oldest son graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 2007 and our second son is completing high school.  With a nine year age span between them it was like starting over with the second one.  Now I am blessed to be back in the classroom teaching kindergarten at a private Christian School near my home.  Their philosophy of learning and Godly character training embraces my own as a homeschooling mother and I am excited to know that I will have a positive influence and spiritual impact on the lives of these precious children entrusted to my care.

The articles that follow are for your edification, education, and encouragement as you seek to train your children in righteousness.  I pray they are a blessing to you!

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