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Question: Since I started homeschooling, I don't seem to have time for housekeeping.  What can I do? 

I would love for you to take my time management course to get all the tips on how to actually do this but for now I will share a few helpful hints in the short space I have.  

As women we are multi-faceted and able to do many tasks consecutively.  Our juggling ability is amazing; no man on this earth, with all their talents could ever do what we women pull off regularly.  That is just the way the good Lord wired us and something we cannot expect a man to achieve in the same way. Their strengths are different and cover us where we are "weak" and that is as it should be. 

Starting with a schedule, think of writing in "sand" not "cement" by  outlining your priorities so that you do not allow time to control you, but with God's help become a steward of the time He has given you.  We women often run to the "tyranny of the urgent" and let the important things in life slide and that is what you want to change to be able to get done those things that are truly important goals in your life and home. 

Teaching our children is more than academic work.  Life skills are just as important and will help them achieve success in life beyond the books.  Responsibility, orderliness, cleanliness and helpfulness are qualities that will bless their future in whatever life calling they have and will certainly work to create a good marriage.  

We know there are certain things that must be done in managing our homes for peace and efficiency to flow.  Knowing that the basics of cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, and bookkeeping are part of life we then need to plan when they will be done, as part of the homeschooling adventure.  I recall the often quoted phrase, "he who fails to plan, plans to fail".  The "fruit" of chaos and disorder in our lives is exhaustion, frustration, anger, strife, lack of confidence, and confusion or "lack" in various forms.

On the other hand, the "fruit" of order brings peace, more loving relationships, patience, confidence, prosperity and freedom in the gaining of additional time and resources not wasted or eaten up by disorder.  How often have we misplaced something and had to buy another only to find it later?  Or, by not planning economical, healthy meals, spent much more to eat out or buy something quickly because we weren't prepared?  The list goes on; we've probably all done it and experienced the frustration that goes with it. 

But, the good news is that there is hope!  And, God promises to meet our needs that we bring to Him.  As we ask, seek, and knock, we can be sure He will provide the answers.  Start with putting your early, quiet time with Him first everyday.  He will multiply your time.  Practice obedience and faithfulness in the little things.  Train your children as part of their home education to serve one another in the family with a right spirit, by going the extra mile.  Learn to delegate (the fun jobs as well as the more routine) so that you can focus your time on the necessary and important vs. the mundane or routine that others can do.  Try planning time with your spouse apart from your children. Determine a bedtime that allows your body enough rest to be better for everyone around you.  Lastly, plan some time one day a week for just you to refuel and refresh; you need it and I give you permission!  Life is to enjoy and balancing work and relaxation is a good thing and necessary for healthy living and teaching our children to know when each is appropriate. Nearly everything can be accomplished but you must have a plan. A workable schedule is something you and your spouse or a friend can help you set up to allow the important things to be accomplished and the less important to be made obvious.  Prayer and planning go hand in hand for me and I know will help you as well.  We all schedule the time for what's important in our lives.  There is always a way given the proper tools and outlook.  If our children were in outside school we would find other things to take our time, so hang in there and make your planning a priority.  Your life will be happier for it!


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