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My Story

It was many years ago as a new, young mother that God placed in my heart a desire to minister to the needs of other women as He had ministered to me.  After working full time away from my home and now with a new life to raise and train, it became clear to me that my life required more direction, simplicity, and skills and that I needed new “tools” to do that.


Being a first-born and a “Type-A” personality I thrived on organization and activity.  After a difficult delivery of my new and first little blessing from the Lord I remember looking around the room at home while nursing him feeling such exhaustion.  I saw all of the lovely gifts representing the many notes of thanks that I needed to send, all the new supplies to fit into our tiny home, and I wondered how and when I could do it all.  I felt overwhelmed at this new phase of life and responsibility; I just cried.  What I thought I would easily adjust to, seemed like a new mountain to climb and I didn’t know where or how to start.  It was during those moments of despair as I cried out to the Lord that I felt Him speak to my spirit.  The words I sensed so strongly were these:  “Not only will I help you and show you but I will teach you how to help others.”  That was just what I needed to give me hope and a vision; something we all need and something He promises for us.


Over the years I have been blessed to both take and then train in teaching time management skills and God has been faithful to His promise to take what was difficult in my life, after giving it to Him and turn it into a strength to help others.  He will do the same for you for He is faithful to His Word.  We all have a unique call on our lives and that is what makes our priorities personal. 


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